Tweesky: don’t miss the Twitter Card preview (Part Two)

This is a follow-up to present the latest changes in this little hobby.. :-)

Tweesky has now a web site where you can generate, validate, customise(!!) and share your Preview Cards.

Ops, I almost forgot: while Twitter is still the main focus it also works on all major Social Media.

Knock yourself out my friend:

Enter the URL to see the Preview Card and its main attributes.

It is free, simple and mobile friendly. 😀

Customise the attributes before sharing. Yes, you can.

It might be the case that the title or the description are not fetched correctly (your Webmaster is busy on all those Zoom meetings, you know) or they can be improved before reaching your audience.

Follow the Share options from the site or copy the Tweesky URL in your new posts.


Next step is to allow changing the image (offering maybe a gallery of free images to choose from) and storing the links each user create (this would require user registration).

Any idea or suggestion is welcome! Reach me at @beppecatanese

Till next time.

Software Engineering, Data Engineering, Coder. And other hobbies too.

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