Becoming a better developer using StackOverflow

GitHubActions with Docker and DigitalOcean CLI.

Party balloons
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Load balancing microservices and wildcard SSL certificate

Logos of technology described in the blog post
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  • Introduction of the project where the migration took place
  • Deployment with NGINX and Certbot
  • Moving to Traefik and its benefits
  • Configuring…

Tutorial and a real example: the “World Capitals” Chatbot Quiz

Screenshot of the World Capitals Quiz chatbot
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Farewell (and thank you) to DependaBot Preview

GitHub and Dependabot logos
Image from GitHub blog

Dependabot Preview

A close look at maximum supply, price and how to buy it

The most frequent errors and how to address them.

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Error R10: Web process failed to bind to $PORT within 60 seconds of launch

Descubre funciones avanzadas que pueden ayudar a que tu chatbot marque la diferencia.

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Options to overcome the Heroku ephemeral filesystem. For free.

The Challenge

Build Intel64-compatible Docker images from Mac M1

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